UNIVERS CONSULT LTD offers and ensures a large range of services. Our policy is to assist in decision making process, concerning our clients business and management.


  • Day-to day record keeping;
  • Preparation of pay-roll books;
  • Consultations concerning the national and international accounting legislation;
  • Assistance in choosing of suitable software;
  • Assistance in choosing of accounting stuff;
  • Training courses in accounting;
  • Preparation of financial statements according to Bulgarian accounting legislation and standarts;
  • Preparation of financial statements according to International Accounting Standarts, International Financial Reporting Standarts (IFRS), US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP); preparation of reports according to the internal management needs.


  • Audit of specific and consolidated financial reports, prepared according to the Bulgarian accounting legislation, the International Accounting Standards and Intrnational Financial Reporting Standarts (IFRS), as well as according to the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles;
  • Restricted revue of the financial reports, prepared in accordance with the above mentioned standards and principles;
  • Transformation of financial reports;
  • Financial due diligence;
  • Internal audit;
  • Procedures under agreement.


  • Preparation of Client’s tax returns on corporate taxes and personal income tax;
  • Preparation of applications, declarations, and other forms of information according to the V.A.T. Act;
  • Check-up of prepared tax returns, applications, reports, inventories etc.;
  • Consultations on tax legislation, customs, agreements concerning avoiding the double taxation, excises and foreign currency legislation;
  • Internal tax review and audit;
  • Tax due diligence;
  • Assistance during tax audits;
  • Preparation of complaints in conjunction with issued tax audit litigations and other acts;
  • Representation before the legal institutions in connection with tax and legal disputes;
  • Training courses in the field of tax legislation.


  • Legal analysis of agreements, specific cases and issues in the field of commercial, tax, labor and assurance legislation, financial supervision of gambling;
  • Registration of trade companies, non-profit organizations, sole traders and co-operations in the Court, The National Assurance Institute, The National Statistics Institute, The Tax Administration and other institutions, concerning the specific activity of the Client (The Commission for financial supervising , The Gambling Commission, etc.)


Company News

23 / 01 / 2015

On 22th and 23th January 2015 a seminar on the following topics was held...